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By Lucy Meier on 2022-02-19

In this kb article we are using as an example. The same procedure can be used when moving from any other provider, for as far as that provider is using open standards, and when moving between Apostrophy ( accounts.

John decided to move from gmail to Apostrophy Service.


John’s gmail account contains a bunch of mails that he really would like to bring with him into his new Apostrophy Service account.

John already signed up and prepared his new Apostrophy Service account.

He adds both the Apostrophy Service account and the gmail account to his Thunderbird desktop client following this knowledge base article from Apostrophy Service

Now he can highlight the mails that he wants to bring to Apostrophy Service in the one account, and then drag’n drop them to the other account

Now John’s old mail from his gmail account are available in his now Apostrophy Service account