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By Mads Petersen on 2024-02-29

This is a list of issues that are known to development at the time of release. This means that these issues are being worked on. The issues are listed pr build number. To find your build number, please go to ‘Settings -> About phone’ and scroll to the bottom.


  • The Auto configuration of the account is providing the wrong IMAP and SMTP server values. The correct values can be found in this KB article.
  • Certain electric vehicle charger apps crash when they are opened. A future release is going to fix this issue.
  • The YouTube app, when installed through the Google Play Store, may cease video playback for certain people. We are working to fix this issue in a future release.
  • In some situations, the Digital Nomad app (VPN) breaks web connection. This happens when the network connection is through a SIM card (not through WiFi), where the provider has limited the SIM card to only use IPv6 protocol (i.e. not IPv4). The user can work around the issue by updating the APN or creating a new.